The Fourteenth Week After Pentecost

St. Antony of Egypt

Are you tired of the direction your Church is going?

Modernism, consumerism, secularism have taken many Churches far from their roots.

Come and find the Early Church of the Apostles.

New Parish Mission in Evansville

Sunday Divine Liturgy 6pm c.s.t.

We  meet in the Chapel at

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

301 S.E. First Street Evansville, IN 47713

(812) 401-0568 or Cell: (502) 229-1044


Our New Church Home

We are an Orthodox Western Rite Parish. We are reclaiming the ancient Orthodox Liturgies of the West and restoring them for the Orthodox Church.

Our vision is to grow an Orthodox Christian Church community in Evansville, Indiana that is true to the teachings of the apostles and as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ and in apostolic succession to them and the early Church fathers. 

We wish to provide a place where people can gather for prayer both formal and informal; for spiritual growth in radical commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and God  the Son; for hospitality and for friendship; a place of refuge, where people can safely and confidently seek the Lord, without Doctrinal confusion or spiritual insecurity.

SAOC is a "stavropegial" parish (a parish directly under a jurisdictional Primate, or the First Hierarch rather  than a local Bishop).  We are blessed to be under the omophor (protection) of His Eminence, Metropolitan +Hilarion.

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR).


Rectory &  Chapel

520 Lewis Avenue

Evansville, Indiana 47714-1514

Rectory Chapel

Church Phone: 812-401-0568

Rectors Cell Phone: 502-229-1044



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